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We charge $25 for the first notarial act per principal signer.  Each additional notarial act (notary stamp) during the same online session is $20.  If you require witnesses, they will be added as a line item on your invoice at $20 per witness per online session.

We have served the state of Florida for 5 years

       Now introducing...      By The Shore  "RON" Notary

 we are now cutting edge with "ron"                                                - Remote online notarization

* Power of Attorney

* Affidavits

* Certified Letters

* Verification of VIN's or Odometers

* Administer Oaths & Affirmations

* Acknowledgements

* Certify Contents of Safe-Deposit Boxes

* Attest & Certification of Photocopies

* Attach a Certificate to Self Drafted Document

* Living Wills & Trusts

* Impound Release

* Remote Swearing in of Witnesses for Telephone Hearings  

* Depositions

* Divorce

serving southwest florida for over 15 years

 Our Expert Tech Assist Services are listed below...

below, is what we do                    we are the only tech support you will ever need!

* Computer Hardware Repairs     (MAC & PC)

* Network Installations

* Printer Installations

* Data Recovery 

* Data Transfers

* Virus Removal/Protection

* Cloud Backups

* Websites                                                  (Includes matching business cards) 

* Data Storage Page                               (Password protected for HOA's & COA's) 

* Personal Web Page                         (A great way to promote yourself) 

*  New Computer Setups                (includes data transfer)                

* Tutorials & *Classes

* Logos

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